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Current Exhibitions

Looking But Not Seeing
10th Aug 2018 - 4th Nov 2018 
Looking But Not Seeing
Bennett Gallery

There are more images circulating in the world then ever before. Despite this, never has photography occupied such an anxious understanding of itself. Freed - through technological advances - of the requirement to represent the real, globally photography is questioning its expressive value and beginning to redefine itself.

This exhibition contributes an Australian voice to this international conversation. Concentrated through strategies of dispersal and aggregation, Looking But Not Seeing brings together a group of artists whose work engages with questions of what photography is now and where it is going.

Jacqui Ball, Nina Gilbert, Eliza Hutchison, Will Nolan, Nik Pantazopoulos, Kiron Robinson, Vivian Cooper Smith, Darren Sylvester, Marian Tubbs, Xanthe Waite and Grace Wood.

Curated by Kiron Robinson.

This exhibition has received assistance from NETS Victoria’s Exhibition Development Fund, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Exhibition Opening Sunday 2 September, 3-5pm

Image: Darren Sylvester, Ghost Story, 2017, light jet print. Courtesy the artist, Neon Parc, Melbourne and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney

Samantha Heriz: Initial Suspicions
22nd Sep 2018 - 21st Oct 2018 
Samantha Heriz: Initial Suspicions
Simpson Gallery

Samantha J Heriz is a British/Australian visual artist working conceptually across media. Much of her work concerns language, words, speech and the conveyance of subtlety. Often juxtaposition and duration are utilised to play with figure/ground to highlight the overlooked.

This 4-channel video installation was made whilst on residency at TAKT Berlin in 2016. During the month Heriz overtly spied from the inside and outside of Building No.1, the location of the Stasi Headquarters. The building remains largely unchanged and its essence of ‘ubiquitous control’ seems to linger. This work sees words from Party slogans, songs and official media, paired with footage of the Stasi Headquarters in 2016.

Future Perfect: Benalla Art Gallery 50th Anniversary
6th Oct 2018 - 3rd Feb 2019 
Future Perfect: Benalla Art Gallery 50th Anniversary
Bennett Gallery

A Celebration of 50 Years

Benalla Art Gallery was established in March 1968 and 2018 marks the 50th anniversary.

Since its early beginnings, housed in the Benalla RSL building in Nunn Street, Benalla Art Gallery has grown to become one of Victoria’s most prestigious regional galleries. The striking modernist gallery complex, set on picturesque Lake Benalla and completed in 1975, was designed by Philip Sargeant and Colin Munro. 

The Benalla Art Gallery permanent collection is one of the most important public collections of Australian art in regional Victoria and surveys Australian art history across indigenous, colonial, impressionist, modernist and postmodernist eras. 50 years on the Gallery has become a major attraction for both Australian and international art-lovers.

Join the Friends of Benalla Art Gallery on Friday 9th November, 6pm for a Cocktail Party to celebrate 50 fabulous years.

Entry: $30 Tickets available from the Benalla Art Gallery.
For further information:
Phone: (03) 5760 2619

Image: Arthur Streeton, Impression for Golden Summer, 1888, oil on canvas on composition board. Gift of Mr L. Ledger, 1980.